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Writing is therapeutic for me. It helps me process, appreciate, learn and connect with people. I truly love it. I have been desperately wanting to write over the past few months and tried but could not get more than a few notes down. Total writers block. It’s like I was in a bit of a fog. That fog is finally lifting. I think I was too busy and my brain has been in overdrive. Let’s face it….we’ve had a bit of a shit year but we are coming out the other side of it. 😁😁

We have moved back to St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada for an undetermined amount of time. Could be a year or could be forever. Either way, we are so happy to be home. It is a beautiful and special place and we are surrounded by the love of our family and friends here. Our daughters are adjusting really well and loving their new school but they do miss Shanghai. Last week, I asked Georgia if she loved being back in our house and she said “Yes, I especially love it when it is filled with my friends and cousins”. How sweet is that! ❤️❤️

For those who don’t know, St. John’s has a population of about 250,000 people. Quite a difference from 26 million in Shanghai.  Here it takes minutes to get everywhere and I love driving again. Grocery shopping is a joy and I have a full size washer and dryer. After three years without one, we finally have a dishwasher again. Oh and the glorious clean water from the tap and the ease of washing fruits and vegetables in that tap water. I have gained hours in my day from reduced travel and vegetable washing time. It’s incredible. My friends in Shanghai will appreciate that! 😂😂

Since we are no longer in Shanghai, I have decided to put on hold and start writing on my new blog Although there are parts of this past years journey that make me really sad, I cannot be sad about the journey itself. The experiences, the joys, the tremendous growth, loads of laughter and plenty of tears and swearing but most importantly, love. So much love and kindness. I feel like this is a new chapter for our family and I am choosing to focus on what brings me joy and love in my everyday life. will be my space to do that and share snipets of some of my favorite people, places and things that bring me joy, make me laugh out loud or sometimes shed a tear.

And I fully realize that life is messy and there can be a lot of shit in between all that joy and love so you can expect some humour as I deal with all that as well.

A huge thank you to my friend Monica who encouraged me to get the domain months ago. It’s just been sitting there waiting for me to be ready.

Hope you’ll follow along with me there. Sign up for posts to be sent directly to your inbox 🙂

Until next time!

Only joy, only love,




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I am Michelle. Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend,Traveller, Storyteller, Reiki 2 practitioner, Water, Woods and Kundalini Yoga lover.
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