Oh the progress…

Hello friends,

I hope you are having an amazing week and shining that beautiful light of yours. November has been a bit of a crazy month and December has started much the same. I am looking forward to having some time off during the holiday season to rest. I’m tired but I am so content.

This photo came up in my feed yesterday. It was four years ago. It made me feel physically sick. I’m the one on the far right holding the huge plate of Nanaimo bars. Blah I remembered vividly having that photo taken and how much I wanted to bolt. The girl in that photo is sad and anxiety stricken. She is unhealthy and not living her best life or honouring her light. I don’t live there anymore and man….it feels fantastic. Shit got real after that Christmas (too many Nanaimo bars. Haha) and I made some serious changes to my life style. That was two years before I got diagnosed with breast cancer. I just knew something wasn’t right! I have 60+ pounds gone(!) but it is not just about the weight. I feel so much lighter in every aspect of my life.

This was me last night at the Merry and Bright festival at the MUN Botanical gardens. This magical, feel good event is a perfect start to the holiday season! If you have an evening free and are lucky enough to score some tickets, you should definitely take it in.

This girl is happy and healthy. She honours her feelings, her beauty and her light. My chakras are freaking amazing. hehe I’ve been working really hard and it’s paying off 😁.

I just wanted to share. Sometimes the victories get lost in day to day and I feel like celebrating. Thanks to all my warriors who are helping me on my journey. So much love and light to you all.

Until next time.

Only joy, only love,




About onlyjoyonlylove

I am Michelle. Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend,Traveller, Storyteller, Reiki 2 practitioner, Water, Woods and Kundalini Yoga lover.
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6 Responses to Oh the progress…

  1. Donna says:

    I love that photo, and both the before and after you Michelle. ❤️
    You are so inspiring! I’m so happy for you about all the changes you’ve made in your life. I can see your glow and feel your happiness from hear! Keep on shining!! xoxo


  2. kristine faith armstrong says:

    you are one amazing woman!


  3. Charyl says:

    Michelle- what an inspirational story. So much happening in four years. I wish you continued strength and peace.


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