My Riverhead Retreat

We are heading into 2020! Can you even believe it? I really can’t but I’m getting ready to dive in. It’s been a big year of healing and growth for me in so many ways. Some of you know that I attended a yoga service retreat in September at the Tashirat orphanage in Mexico. It was one of the most beautiful and life changing experiences of my life. We spent our days in meditation, sound baths, practicing kundalini yoga, qi gong, hiking mountains in mystical Tepoztlán and spending time with the children and volunteer parents at the Tashirat orphanage.

These children live in homes with 1 or 2 parents and 6-8 siblings. They go to school there and work together as a family in all endeavours. They are also unadoptable in the traditional Mexican adoption system because of severe physical and mental challenges. Daily yoga practice and food is used as their medicine to heal. They come to Tepoztlán taking handfuls of medicine and end up healthy and taking none; living and thriving well past predicted life expectancies. It’s amazing to watch this miracle occur. I have met children all over the world and these kids were the happiest and most joyful I have ever met. It fills me up to just remember it. It is a special place and so very inspiring.

Since returning home from that mystical experience, it has been a really busy Fall and I recognized that I needed some silence and space to revisit the teachings I learned and experienced in Mexico; some time to write and practice yoga and meditate……and sleep. I slept for 14 hours last night! I am blessed with beautiful friends who offered their home for me to do just that. I packed up my incense and yoga mat and headed to my Riverhead Retreat for a few days and it is where I am now.

I am reflecting and setting some goals for 2020. As with everyone, life is busy and I need balance in order to experience joy in every moment. That means prioritizing time, scheduling, some delegating and saying no to some things. I am getting better at setting boundaries and recognizing what is not serving me.

I also need to strengthen my immune system. It has been chugging along but I know it is weak. Since I had cancer, I get sick so much easier. I mean, I use to be an elementary music teacher. My immune system was super strong! But in the past two years, I have had strep throat 3 times and gotten a stomach bug 4 or 5 times. It just feels like I’m always getting sick. One of my goals is to use my diet to strengthen my immune system. Just like the kids at the orphanage. My acupuncturist is getting me some information on TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) food combinations and I am going to go alcohol free for (at least) 90 days starting Jan 4. I have never really done that so now is a good time. My body still has healing to do and this winter is all about resting, restoring and strengthening. I see lots of soup and tea in my future and I can’t wait.

This photo is in Point la Hay, St Mary’s Bay. This past summer I was swimming here and walking barefoot in the grass. I can’t do that today but it is still magical.

And this is my headspace for 2020. Fuck Cancer! (Sorry for the language Mom but it is fitting)

Here’s to continued healing for us all!

Until next time!

Only joy, only love,




About onlyjoyonlylove

I am Michelle. Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend,Traveller, Storyteller, Reiki 2 practitioner, Water, Woods and Kundalini Yoga lover.
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5 Responses to My Riverhead Retreat

  1. Cecelia says:

    Beautiful words from a beautiful human being🥰🥰🥰


  2. May G says:

    You are so beautiful inside and out. Thank you for sharing your path.


  3. Sandra says:

    Happy Healing in 2020 Michelle!!!


  4. India says:

    Your experience in Mexico sounds amazing! Thank you for sharing your journey Michelle. Here is to 2020 full of good health, peace, joy and mindfulness.


  5. Tracy Duffy says:

    You are an amazing and inspirational woman!! You go girl !


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