We Have Sprouts!!!

Happy Sunday! This blog is a place to share stuff that brings me joy. Well, it’s an exciting day! We have sprouts! I have been wanting a SucSeed growing system since I heard one of the founders speak at a work function a couple of years ago. Emily Bland was the speaker and she told Sucseed’s success story that evening. It all started at Memorial University’s Enactus program and has grown into a social enterprise that supports youth in need by training and employing them to manufacture the garden boxes while offering a solution for food sustainability. The hydroponic growing systems do not require soil or sun so year round greens and herbs in this house. I am stoked!

I feel very lucky to work at Memorial University in the Office of Development. Specifically, I work with our planned giving donors. These are individuals who plan to leave a gift to Memorial in their will and through their estate planning to support students, research or any number of initiatives at the university. It is very rewarding and I love talking with donors about their passions and goals and help them make their legacy giving dreams a reality. I have a deep affinity to Memorial and am delighted to support Sucseed as Memorial alumni.

I shared with the SucSeed people that I was going to blog about my gardening progress and they were so thankful and offered a 10% discount code to my friends and family who would like to try their products. No minimum purchase necessary. Just put MICHELLE10 in the discount code and it’s yours. How sweet of them to offer that! Check out their website at http://www.sucseed.ca

Happy growing!

Only joy, only love (and all the shit in between).

Until next time!



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I am Michelle. Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend,Traveller, Storyteller, Reiki 2 practitioner, Water, Woods and Kundalini Yoga lover.
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