A Little About Me – Michelle L. Smith

This is a space for me to share the things and experiences that bring me joy, raise my vibe and help keep me in the present. Thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to reach out! I love connecting with you all.

Only joy, only love (and all the shit in between),




2 Responses to A Little About Me – Michelle L. Smith

  1. Sheila Lee says:

    Hi Michelle, I am so delighted to read this touching story. We have a Historical Society formed in St. Marys. I am vice Chair. I was born in Peters River and live now in Riverhead,,SMB. I would love to get together with you. Together, we maybe able to put together a local event. I am a retired teacher and I find it so touching how this special teacher had such a profound effect on your life. Such stories need to be told and celebrated. I am very impressed with your story as well. Let’s try to get together for a coffee soon. My treat.

    Sheila Lee


    • Hello Sheila! Thank you so much for writing to me and reading my blog. I would love to meet with you. My dear friends (like family, really) are Grant and Tracie Boland. They have a special spot out in Riverhead. I look forward to our chat.


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