We Don’t Wanna Go Home

Good morning from sunny St. John’s. That may change in 5 minutes but right now it is sunny.

What a weird and surreal time we are living in in history. Covid-19 has shut down the globe. I have not posted anything since we started working from home weeks ago. For the most part, I feel very hopeful. That this will be a time to reset, prioritize and see everyone as equals on this planet that we need to treat with more love. There needs to be more love! There is also such a heaviness as I know how many people are struggling and scared. Small businesses are getting decimated and people losing loved ones cannot even mourn together. Even the logistics of working and schooling from home can be stressful for families. It is a lot but we will get through this. I am sending out as much love and peace as I can muster to you all.

I am also thankful that I still have a job during this and am able to work from home but man, I do miss my coworkers. They are an amazing group of people and I miss their faces. Zoom just isn’t the same but it’ll do for now. Our team has been nominating a different person each day to choose a song of the day and email the group for a bit of fun. Yesterday was my day to choose one and considering we are all at home I had to choose Alan Doyle’s We Don’t Wanna Go Home. It always makes me smile and seriously, I’d pay 50 bucks to get elbowed on a crowded dance floor right about now. Here’s the video link – have a listen and a dance….it’ll brighten your day.

Julia and Georgia painted the front window of our house to brighten the place up.
Google classroom on the go. Georgia loved seeing her friends.

The sun is still shining.

I am thankful for the daily snuggles while I work and the fact that I can now wear yoga pants to work. Silver linings šŸ™‚

Just wanted to touch base and send out some love.

Take care and enjoy the day.

Until next time.

Only joy, only love,




About onlyjoyonlylove

I am Michelle. Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend,Traveller, Storyteller, Reiki 2 practitioner, Water, Woods and Kundalini Yoga lover.
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1 Response to We Don’t Wanna Go Home

  1. kelhawkins says:

    Heard the song but have not seen the video until now. Perfect choice for your employee-curated playlist. Are you keeping track of them all? Maybe make a playlist of it to share here too. Hang in there gang!


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